Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi O'Meara

Founder and Nutritionist
Not your typical nutritionist, Cyndi disagrees with low-fat, low-calorie diets, believes chocolate can be good for you and thinks cheating and eating yummy food is an important part of a well-balanced diet. Cyndi must be doing something right because she maintains a healthy weight and has never (in her whole life!) taken an antibiotic, pain-killer or any other form of medication. Cyndi is a passionate, determined and knowledgeable speaker on health issues and uses her education and experience to help others improve their quality of life so they too can enjoy greater health and longer lives.

Concerned by the state of our health system and the lack of educated consumers, Cyndi explores relevant and confronting issues such as cancer, diseases, diets, drugs and medication and asks people to make a choice about what they are willing to consume. She raises serious questions such as ‘Is margarine really the answer or is it a major contributor to obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Are artificial sweeteners the great low calorie alternative or deadly neurotoxins?'

Her unique, surprisingly simple and down-to-earth approach challenges and encourages others to eliminate unhealthy habits and has inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they choose to put into their body. By educating people on how to read food labels, why diets don’t work, and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality, Cyndi confronts her audiences with new truths and empowers them to make long lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits.

Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Nutrition from Deakin University in Victoria and the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Cyndi also undertook postgraduate studies from RMIT Victoria in human anatomy, pathology, physiology and diplomas in diagnosis and management of health issues.

A highly successful and award-winning businesswomen, Cyndi was named Sunshine Coast Business Women of the Year in 2003. In every aspect of her life, she looks outside coventional thinking to find new ways of balancing her time with family, business and good health to create a wonderful, balanced lifestyle.

A lively and inspiring health expert and lifestyle coach, Cyndi O’Meara has regularly appeared on national talk-back radio to educate listeners on how to overcome health problems and lead a happy, healthy, high-energy lifestyle.

Since the success of her two bestselling books 'Changing Habits, Changing Lives' and its accompaniment 'Changing Habits, Changing Lives Cookbook', Cyndi is in high demand both nationally and internationally as a keynote speaker. She conducts speeches bi-monthly on achieving health and lifestyle goals as part of her involvement in the holistic LIPS (Ladies Initiating Prosperity and Success) seminars for women. 

Cyndi Recommends

As a leading nutritionist Cyndi is often asked what products she uses and recommends that are may not be produced at Changing Habits. This page has a list of products that Cyndi believes will be of benefit on your journey to healthy living.

Anna's Wild Yam Cream

Anna's Wild Yam Cream

Anna's Wild Yam Cream I have been using Anna's Yam Cream for 9 years after being advised I had an imbalance in my hormones and that I had an oestrogen dominance and I needed to balance my..
Eco News

Eco News

Eco News Complements the monthly e-Magazine, Eco Voice. Eco News daily provides “as it happens” news articles, from an Australian perspective. Make it your daily source of enviro..
Kora Organics

Kora Organics

( I was asked to join the Kora Organics team and write a blog for their site. I have done so with delight as they provide a wealt..
Native Growth

Native Growth

Native Growth Native Growth is a leading provider of native plants, services and advice. Operating a range of businesses including two production nurseries in Victoria, an online nursery..


Thermomix - Makes Eating Healthy, Easier I’ve always advocated eating foods made with the best of ingredients. Most foods can be healthy, like chocolate cake, mayonnaise, café..
Twenty8 Organic Pure Essential Oils

Twenty8 Organic Pure Essential Oils

Twenty8 Organic Essential Oils by Kim Morrison For the past 8 years I have followed two amazing women’s journey. From acquaintances they have become good friends and I am very proud of..
Water Filters

Water Filters

I am often asked which is the best water filter to buy to get rid of the Fluoride in your water? In order to get rid of the heavy metals, chloride and flouride you must get a reverse os..



Interviews with Cyndi

Cyndi is regularly interviewed about nutrition and health and is making these interviews available to you at no cost so you can learn more about the 'changing habits' message. To listen to an interview, click on the interview links below.

Conversation with Kerri Pottharst from One2One Conversations

Cyndi completed a conversation with Kerri Pottharst, from One2One Conversations. In Cyndi's conversation she talks about the impact of cling wrap, about building a strong immune system for your child and many more insightful information about "changing habits, changing lives"

To listen to this interview and download it as an MP3 click here.  


Interview with Cyndi O'Meara & Daniel Vitalis

Daniel Vitalis is a Leading Health, Nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist as well as a Nature Based Philosopher. Teaching that our invincible health is a product of living in alignment with our biological design and our role in the ecosystem, he incorporates the wisdom of indigenous peoples into our modern lives. His entertaining, motivational and magnetic delivery style has made him an in-demand public speaker in North America and abroad.

He is the creator of, a resource helping the public find clean, fresh, wild water free of man made pollutants wherever they live. He can be found at

Daniel Vitalis and Cyndi OMeara Daniel Vitalis and Cyndi OMeara (60767 KB)

Interview with Cyndi O'Meara & Sally Fallon

Sally Fallon Morell is the author of the best-selling Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats (with Mary Enig, PhD) and of Eat Fat Lost Fat (co-authored with Mary Enig, PhD).  She serves as founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit nutrition education foundation. She is a frequent lecturer and radio guest and a tireless advocate for nutrient-dense traditional foods, especially for pregnant women and growing children.

Interview with Sally Fallon & Cyndi O'Meara 


Interview with Cyndi O'Meara & Dr Michelle Nielsen

Dr. Michelle Nielsen, a Canadian, is an international citizen who presently lives in Barcelona, Spain. During the last 20 years Michelle's passion has been studying methods to optimize human potential and healing. After 18 years of hands-on private practice as a chiropractor, Dr. Nielsen has taken to the stage in many different countries around the world helping thousands of people reach their true potential. Her unique approach, featured in her best-selling book, is called the “Master Manifestor Program”. This simple 10-step process teaches people how to achieve their goals using their body, mind and spirit.  
She also shares her empowering message and techniques with people around the globe through her books, workshops and popular blog posts.  She is a co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer in the best-selling book "IN SERVICE", and has been a co-presenter in sold-out conferences with the likes of Dr. Joe Dispenza from the hit movie "What the Bleep do we know?!"
Dr. Nielsen is a highly regarded author/presenter, and has coauthored several papers published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. Apart from being politically active in her profession, she was also instrumental in the planning and development of Barcelona’s first college of chiropractic: Barcelona College of Chiropractic.
Michelle balances her professional life as a healer, entrepreneur and author with being a wife and having the privilege of raising two beautiful children, Tahlia and Matisse.
For more information about Michelle and her work please visit:

Michelle Nielson and Cyndi Omeara Interview Michelle Nielson and Cyndi Omeara Interview (54281 KB)

Interview with Cyndi O'Meara & Jessica Ainscough

Jessica Ainscough is the founder of The Wellness Warrior – an online sanctuary of health and inspiration where she writes about her journey from cancer patient to healing junkie. After being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer back in 2008, Jess left her job as the online editor for Dolly magazine and set out on a mission to heal herself. She refused her doctor’s advice to have her left arm amputated at the shoulder (the site of the cancer), began looking at the ways she may have contributed to the manifestation of her disease and then stopped doing them. She swapped a lifestyle of champagne, cocktails and late-night Lean Cuisines for carrot juice, coffee enemas and meditation and became an active participant in her treatment.

Jess is currently one year into the Gerson Therapy – a strict cancer-fighting program that consists of 13 fresh organic veggie juices per day, at least three coffee enemas per day and a strict organic whole food plant-based diet.

She also went back to school, studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, to learn everything possible about wellness so that she could truly heal herself and work as a holistic health coach to enable others to achieve their wellness goals.

Jessica Ainscough and Cyndi Omeara Interview Jessica Ainscough and Cyndi Omeara Interview (46033 KB)

Interview with Cyndi O'Meara & Dr Sherrill Sellman

Dr Sellman's career has taken her around the world with a strong message for women. “Women must realize that their natural functions are being medicalized and pathologized for profit."

"Steroid hormones in the form of the pill and hormone replacement therapy are dangerous drugs with many risks and side-effects. It is time for women to take responsibility for their health, because their health is big business and no one else will do it for them!" Her books and lectures, have brought shocking facts to women. Globally, women are responding with applause and greatful appreciation.

Through her own personal journey of reclaiming her health, she has been inspired to share with other women ways they too can reclaim their own health by gaining a deeper appreciation of their bodies natural cycles and their innate wisdom.

After twelve years of in-depth research, Sherrill is bravely bringing into the open facts and figures that have been ignored, suppressed and buried for years.

Over the past ten years, Sherrill has been lecturing worldwide about the seriousness of using synthetic hormones as well as the many myths and abuses regarding womens hormonal health. Her many prophetic warnings have now been proven true.

Interview with Cyndi O'Meara and Dr Sherrill Sellman Interview with Cyndi O'Meara and Dr Sherrill Sellman (12778 KB)

Interview with Cyndi O'Meara & ABC Radio on the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol

Cyndi O'Meara learnt about a 60 year old program in  July 2011 that could eliminate the third fat - stored fat, while keeping your structural fat in place.   

In other words, get rid of the fat that doesn't make you look good and creates ill health and keep the fat that makes you look younger.  Could such a thing be possible? Mary-Lou asked the lady who once 'loved fats' why the change?

4 Phase Fat Elimination Interview on ABC 4 Phase Fat Elimination Interview on ABC (30451 KB)

Interview with Cyndi O'Meara & ABC Radio on Breakfast Cereals

Cyndi O'Meara speaking on breakfast cereals Cyndi O'Meara speaking on breakfast cereals (13335 KB)


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