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Cyndi Recommends

As a leading nutritionist Cyndi is often asked what products she uses and recommends that are may not be produced at Changing Habits. This page has a list of products that Cyndi believes will be of benefit on your journey to healthy living.

Anna's Wild Yam Cream

I have been using Anna's Yam Cream for 9 years after being advised I had an imbalance in my hormones and that I had an oestrogen dominance and I needed to balance my oestrogen with my progesterone. I was advised to use Anna's Yam Cream.
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Eco News

Eco News is news to sustain our world. It is a daily news site that provides as it happens news articles, from an Australian perspective. It's Free to subscribe. Make it your site for daily eco news.

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Kora Organics

Recently I was asked to join the Kora Organics team and write a blog for their site. I have done so with delight as they provide a wealth of information on all sorts of health and well being issues.
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Native Growth

Native Growth is a leading provider of native plants, services and advice. Operating a range of businesses including two production nurseries in Victoria...
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Thermomix makes my kind of cooking a breeze. It cooks, stirs, grinds, grates, kneads, mixes, steams and more. If you are serious about eating healthy, then I recommend you look at this amazing machine.
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Twenty8 Organic Pure Essential Oils

Twenty8 Organic Self-Care offers the purest and most therapeutic organic essential oils available in the world today. Personally sourced from passionate and committed growers, this range contains the healing and restorative qualities that nature has offered for thousands of years.
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Water Filters

I am often asked which is the best water filter to buy to get rid of the Fluoride in your water? In order to get rid of the heavy metals, chloride and flouride you must get a reverse osmosis system.
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