Newcastle, NSW - The vital Health Tour with Dr Sarah Farrant & Cyndi O'Meara

Date: 08-May-2012

Venue - Newcastle City Hall

Time - 6.30 for 7pm Start


Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!!

Dr Sarah, DC and Cyndi have a critical and important message of health to the people of Newcastle. Both are mum’s of three and have spoken internationally and are combining their talents to present a different approach to health - come and learn from these two fantastic speakers who are getting GREAT results!


No gimmicks no signing up. Only information that could change your life!
  • Discover the one area of health that the majority of society neglects – having this secret can double your energy.
  • Learn the #1 killer, more than heart disease and cancer, that no one is talking about.
  • Explore three different health approaches (most people only know one!).
  • Discover why people are getting sicker at a younger age (even though they are living longer).
  • Learn how you can be prepared for the huge global health shift that’s already happening.

Limited seating.... Don't be disappointed.....Tickets sold via Ticketek CALL NOW on 4929 1977 or

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