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4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol

Eliminate Toxic Stubborn Fat and Reset Your Metabolism the Healthy Way

This is a protocol, if done properly changes lives and health. It reduces weight quickly and efficiently and I’m so excited to roll this out.  Already we’ve had phenomenal results including my own.  See before and after photos of myself and friends.

The benefits of this protocol, when followed correctly include, rapid and permanent weight loss, a feeling of wellbeing, increased energy, clarity of mind, a change in hormones, decrease in aches and arthritic pain.  We have had many testimonials from customers that have noticed a significant improvement in there overall health.  Every day I hear something new.  One friend said she lost all her "draining" friends as they were so jealous of how she was looking and how much weight she had lost.

This protocol is based on the principles of fat, fat storage and fat mobilisation.

Please note....we do NOT recommend this protocol for anyone who is breast feeding or pregnant!

Any queries regarding medications diabetes and others please see the F and Q's at the end of this page.

Here's a short video from Cyndi explaining why she has introduced this protocol to Changing Habits

Did you know that there are three types of fat?

Structural Fat -  in your cheeks, heel pads, protective fat around organs - fat you want to have and keep.
Reserve Fat - this is fat that is used for ready energy, that can be converted quickly and without much effort.
Stored Fat - hips, thighs, arms, cellulite, stomach and all those fat deposits in places you don’t want it - this fat is not easily sourced for energy and is often hard to budge.

I learnt about a 60 year old program back in July 2011, that could eliminate the third fat - stored fat, while keeping your structural fat in place.  In other words, get rid of the fat that doesn’t make you look good and creates ill health and keep the fat that makes you look young and beautiful.  Could such a thing be possible?

It was called a "protocol"  rather than a "diet" and it intrigued me but looking at it superficially, at first I was very skeptical so I decided to read everything I could on the protocol.  I read the books, I read the web pages, I read whatever I could get my hands on.  There was positive information and there was negative - I read it all.

While I was reading I had several friends that decided to act and do the protocol.  I watched men and women (all friends) shrink before my eyes, many had been overweight much of their adult life.  Not only did I see them shrink, but I also saw them learn about foods and how foods effect their body for health and therefore create a stable weight.  Many of these friends have lost the weight and their aches and pains minimise and ailments improve.  They have had an awakening about their health, weight and food.  Listening to them was like music to my ears, some said "we now know what you’ve been talking about for all these years".  The fact that they lost weight was great, but what was so amazing is that they had changed their thinking about food.

I’ve always been full of energy and healthy and had what I felt was a good weight.  I’m not one to count calories or weigh myself.. it was always something that I decided to stop doing back in my 20’s and it served me well.  This protocol insists on weighing yourself and counting calories for a period of time - after that you don’t count calories again (so that was one positive), It was against 2 principles I taught but the results I was seeing were phenomenal.  What I realised was, that the counting of calories was for a specific reason and the weighing every day was to teach about foods - more on that when you get the protocol.

It was because of this that I decided to do the protocol and see what they were all talking about.  I was amazed!!!  Within a week I felt amazing, I felt euphoric and so clear in my mind.  By the second week I had lost 7kg and everyone was saying how great my skin was looking and that I had a certain vitality they hadn’t seen before.  By the third week I wanted to run and skip and play and I was motivated and excited about everything - not bad for a 51 year old.   It’s now months on and I still feel the same way, there is still a buzz amongst my friends about the whole protocol and what they have learnt and how they feel.  We’ve all got a new lease on life and people on the outside want to know what we’ve been doing.

I want you to know upfront that this is not an easy protocol, however having said that it is worth every minute of highs and lows. I liken it to a marathon, sometimes you feel great and other times you just want to quit.  If you quit you don't finish the marathon and what was the point.  If you don’t quit, then you have the knowledge forever and the power that you have achieved something quite amazing.

You'll have good days and bad days, but it is only three weeks of hard yakka.  Doing it with a friend really helps.  Rikki (my walking partner) and I did it together and we were in contact with each other every morning at weigh in, we also walked most days just so we could talk and keep each other going.  For this very reason I have set up a forum, support group and club specifically for the 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol.





The 4 Phase Fat Elimination protocol has changed my life! I have tried so many diets, programs, shakes, prescriptions and non-prescription medications, I may have lost some weight but with the protocol I lost 40kgs!

The biggest difference with the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is  that I feel and look fantastic, the most important thing is I lost a lot of my health problems, blood pressure became normal, headaches & brain fog disappeared!

I am also happy to say I am now pregnant with my 3rd child, which I was told I would never fall pregnant naturally. My life has changed forever!

Mel Kent - Qld, Aust


 Hi Cyndi, just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with The Protocol. I have banished 30 kgs.....I dared not dream of ever being this slim. I feel amazing so energised positive and empowered. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom.
 Much love and gratitude, Lenore



“I have always thought I was a genetically big woman and blamed the media etc for my distorted body image. I “knew” more about diet than I thought possible and yet that has been blown out of the water in the past months as I have eliminated every single last chemical substance from my diet. Realised that supermarkets do not actually sell food at all, my previously healthy low fat low sugar low gluten low carb thing wasn’t working, I have used the hcg protocol to learn what my body needs. Guess what? I am not a genetically large woman at all. I am very slim. And I now eat as much as I want…, but only foods from nature. I use LOADS of fat and I am slimmer and healthier than ever.”

“Awesome to hear that others have used the protocol too! I always thought I was ‘a big build’ but I used your protocol and went from a size 18 to a size 10. I can now see my natural body shape! I eat all fresh foods now and eat a high raw food diet and I don’t eat wheat, dairy, sugar etc. I eat as much fruit and veg, nuts and seeds as I like and I am as healthy as ever! Heaps more energy, never bloated or lethargic! Win win if you ask me. We just need to send the healthy message to our bodies so our bodies can function the way they should.
Health and happiness to all xoxo - Facebook Post January 2013”

So excited that my Mum and Dad will be starting the protocol. Mum has been on years full of yo-yo diets and Dad has some very significant health issues and very overweight... They've seen our results and seeing how happy we and our 3 little boys are with the way we are now eating/living/breathing! Mum's already cleaning out her cupboards of the toxic products as well as grabbing copies of all of Cyndi's books and abundant health! So stoked! :) :) :)
All you guys are doing such a good job, and should be so proud of the way you are supporting people into good health and creating great healthy habits. I am so excited about the great habits Hubby and I can instill in our children to grow up with........... so a BIG THANK YOU to all of the excellent people involved with not only this protocol but changing habits as a whole!


Hi Cyndi, Just thought I'd give you an update on our office staff and how they and I are doing with the 4 Phase Fat Elimination protocol...
Carol our GM has lost 21 pounds and looks like a different person than the one we hired a year ago!
Jane one of our demonstrators has lost 49 pounds and is a size 16 for the first time in her life since she was 8 years old. She plans to do another round after Christmas.
Jen in customer service lost 10 pounds then gave up too soon but still looks much better than before she did her 10 days of the protocol amazingly. She is planning to do it again but properly this time.
And me... I have lost 12 pounds and one full dress size and a lot of my podgy tummy - I cheated in tiny ways several times, but have worked out that I should do it properly again after Christmas to get to the weight I would like to be at, i.e. about 14 less pounds than I am now. But the amazing thing for me is that I feel so much brighter, so much better in my body, and I look much better... the fat has moved into the proper places. And John is happy!!!
Izzy - UK

Briefly, these are the four phases

4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol eBook

Phase 1 - day 1 and 2 - eat as much as you want, focusing on good quality fat, such as cream, butter, eggs, coconut oil, nuts, high fat meat and fish etc.  This is so much fun!  

Phase 2 and 3 - days 3 to 24+ - eat fruit, salad, vegetable and meat (there is a vegetarian version) but in specific quantities - this is where you will begin to lose approximately 300 gms on average a day, we’ve seen people lose 2 kg in 24 hours.  The stored fat that is being released per day equals approximately 2500 calories of fat and nutrients that your body will use for energy and health.  It is important to drink a lot of water to flush the fat cells.  (phase 2 can be lengthened if you want to lose more than 8kg)

Phase 4 - days 25 - 35 - this is where you stop counting calories and you start adding foods to your diet again.  This is where you will learn your greatest knowledge about the foods that make you healthy and the foods that cause inflammation and sickness.  This is a very important phase that educates for a lifetime health and maintenance of weight.  Done properly this will help you forever maintain a perfect weight, an increase in energy and health.

There are homeopathic support drops that you take during phase 1 and 2 that helps to tell the hypothalamus (the food storage and release gland in the brain... one that secretes compounds to help regulate your bodily processes) to release the stored fat. The drops are homeopathic and when combined with this diet,encourage the body to burn stored fat. The drops also contain herbs that help assist with weight loss as well as helping with strength of mind. There is no difference between the drops in the package or on their own.  Please note - like all homeopathic formulas, the drops are preserved in alcohol. This does not effect the program in anyway, but if you can't take alcohol at all for any reason then this may not be suitable.

The homeopathic drops are called - 4 Phase Fat Elimination Support Drops 

They are a BioEnergetic frequencies of HCG plus the following Homeopathic multiple potencies:


  • Activators (non hormonal)
  • BioEnergetic frequencies of HCG, plus the following homeopathic multiple potencies;
     - L carnitine
     - Ornithine
    - -Arginine
      - in Ethanol (alcohol)

Please Note: This product is Made in Australia and does not contain material of human origin. Below is a copy of the label for the support drops

As you all are aware, I always advocate eating real FOODS and I emphasise that during the protocol I continued to take my green powder, colloidals and probiotics. I urge you all to do the is important to assist with the body fat elimination and maintain your health also to its optimum degree. Many of you may already have these so we have created two packages for the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol.  Make sure you have everything before you start, this is important.

While you’re waiting for your package to arrive, eat good quality foods and lots of good quality fats.

To download a sneak peak of the first 28 pages of the protocol and a further explanation on how it works click on the link below.

HCG Protocol Preview HCG Protocol Preview (552 KB)

To listen to a recording of my webinar explaining more about the protocol, click on the link below.

HCG Webinar HCG Webinar (14587 KB)

How could you transform your body and health?

Click on the images below to see our before and after photos!

Package 1

4 Phase Fat Elimination Starter Pack $117.00

Valued at $178.50 the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Starter Pack includes:

  • 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol e-book - $22
  • 4 Phase Fat Elimination Support Drops - 50ml - $87
  • Creating your ideal body meditation by Dr Michelle Nielson - $12.50
  • Healthy Living Club Membership - $57



Package 2

4 Phase Fat Elimination Complete Pack $197.00

Valued at $324.90 the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Complete Pack includes:

  • 4 Phase Fat Elimination  Protocol e-book - $22
  • 4 Phase Fat Elmination Support Drops - 50ml - $87
  • Seaweed salt - $16
  • Colloidal Minerals - $35
  • Supreme Green Blend - $38.97
  • Probiotics - $59.40
  • Creating your ideal body meditation by Dr Michelle Nielson - $12.50
  • Healthy Living Club Membership - $57


Australian HCG Diet Recipes - E-Book

If you are looking for some tasty easy recipes to suit the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol, then this fabulous cookbook written by Elle Milaras who has experienced the protocol is delivered electronically!  Click here to purchase

What if I just want to purchase the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Support Drops?

If you have already done the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol and just wish to repurchase the Support Drops you can do so by clicking here.

Which Program Do I Do, 21 Day Healthy Weight loss program or the 4 Phase Fat Elimination protocol?

I’ve been asked many times - what program should I do, the 21 Day Lose Weight Get Healthy Program or the 4 Phase Fat Elimination  Protocol

If you have been following Changing Habits and have made some changes by starting to eat real food then I believe that you will have no problem with the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol.  If you are new to changing habits, then this will be a big step, especially if you have been on a diet of junk food and processed food.

Many people start with the 21 Day Lose Weight Get Healthy Program to give themselves time to adjust to an eating program of real food and then go on the 4 Phase Fat Elimination  Protocol.

The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is something that will take you another step higher in your health and wellbeing.  I didn’t know I could go further but this has taken me far above what I ever thought was achievable.  It will become my annual keep me in check, feel great and age with energy and health.


Q…I am pregnant...can I do the protocol?

A...No, you naturally have hcg production through pregnancy.

Q...I am breast feeding. Can I do this protocol?

A...No, it is best to wait until you are finished breast feeding.

Q...I am on various medications..can I do the protocol?

A...The drops are homeopathic and they are not known to interfere with any medications. The foods are REAL foods and thus there is nothing within this protocol to cause any concerns.

Q...I am diabetic. Can I do the protocol?

A...Yes, however if you are a diabetic I suggest you monitor your blood glucose very carefully, you will probably need to reduce your insulin, but be vigilant with blood glucose levels and alter as needed.  I also suggest that you eat a protein in the morning, such as an egg and three egg whites cooked in an omelette or a piece of meat, chicken or fish 100gms only. We also strongly advise that you purchase the complete pack with the supreme green blend, colloidal minerals & probiotics as this will give you extra energy.

Q...I am vegetarian. Can I do the protocol?

A...Yes you can but please be aware that your choices of foods will be limited. You will need to replace some of the proteins/meats with eggs, cottage cheese, protein powder ( inca inchi) and tofu.

Q....I am on Hormone Replacement Therapy, can I do the protocol?

A... Yes, it is perfectly safe to do whilst on HRT.

Q...I am on Medication for a Thyroid Condition & in the original Dr Simeon's program he has a medication warning, can I do this protocol?

A...Yes you can do this program. With the use of homeopathics not the drug therefore the thyroid medication warning in Dr Simeons book does not follow with how we do it.  We added Dr Simeons work so you knew where this protocol came from but a lot has progressed since the 1950's.  He used the actual drug.  The homeopathics have no known drug interactions.

Having said that I notice that some people who do have thyroid problems do struggle somewhat on this protocol, although others have great results.  The leptin reset is amazing and that in turn helps your thyroid, although you may have some damage that cannot be repaired due to what you have been through 

Q…I am trying to lose weight and increase fertility, is the protocol ok for women trying for children?
A.Yes, It will enhance health therefore increase chances.  Make sure you start the protocol after your period.

Q...I was wondering if the eating plan for the protocol allows for gluten free and minimal dairy diet?

Also what are the main foods required, as I live in regional SA and am not sure I will be able to access some food.

A... Whilst on the core and transition phase there is no dairy or gluten. It is all about fresh lean meat and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. You purchase produce that is local and in season, nothing complicated.

Q. I don't have a great deal of weight to lose, is this program suitable?

A. The whole 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is all about losing fat from fat cells in order to create health and wellbeing and harmony within the body with regards to hormones and all connected with it.  The fat cells collectively act as an endocrine organ disrupting other processes in the body.  A master hormone called Leptin controls the fine line that should be maintained between food in and food used and food stored. If you have very little fat and you have no weight to lose, do not do the protocol.  Most people have too much fat surrounding their body in stored areas, this releases copious amounts of Leptin which in turn causes Leptin resistance and then everything goes hay wire.  The more fat you have the more leptin in your blood the more resistance.

Instead if you want to to do something that is cleansing to the the body we suggest our Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol. You may lose some weight on this protocol but not the amount the 4 Phase Fat Elimination protocol creates.  Click here for more information

Q. My work has a zero tolerance level of alcohol, and urine readings need to read 0. Can I take the 4 Phase Fat Elimination drops?

A. Our supplier has told us that there is such a small amount of ethanol and that the liver metabolises it so quickly it shows no affect.

However, if you have concerns, put the drops onto a spoon, light a candle under the spoon (about 6 inches from the spoon) for a minute or two, and this will cause the ethanol to evaporate. If you are in a hot climate, then you can even let the drops sit on the spoon for approximately 2 minutes and the ethanol will evaporate this way.

Q. I noticed in the protocol that you shouldn't use any cosmetics containing oil on your skin, what do you recommend?

A. While on the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol your body is undergoing dramatic changes. Some people are happy to drop all skincare and use no products at all during this programme, however for many suddenly stopping all skincare and nourishment to the skin leaves the skin vulnerable to accelerated aging and feeling quite dry and taut. Since our skin is the largest organ of the body and plays an important role in our health, we believe it is vitally important that we offer nutritional support to the skin while on the protocol - not only on the face but on the body as well. Like Chocolate for Women have launched a new product that has been specially designed for the hcg program, it is absolutely divine!

For further information and to purchase  the new Twenty8 Ester Plus face and body Serum click on the link below
Twenty8 Ester Plus Face & Body Serum

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