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21 Day Program

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How has Cyndi Helped Others?

Dear Cyndi,

Firstly I would like to say I have recently been to your conferences in Mackay and think you are wonderful! I have just finished watching Oprah and I can't stop thinking that you have to go on her show and set America straight! It is really scaring what information they are telling the world. Calori..

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21 Day Program

Simple Healthy Weight Loss, Through Healthy Food Habits!

Are You Ready To Lose Weight, Keep It Off And Be Healthy?

The '21 Day Weight Loss: Get Healthy E-Book' has helped thousands of people change the way they think about their eating habits. Join Cyndi O'Meara as she guides you through the easy steps toward losing weight, staying healthy, and most important of all, feeling great!

Most diet books ask you to count calories, measure your food and constantly weigh yourself...This diet is different. There is no weighing of anything and you don't have to count one calorie.

On Day 1 of the program is the day your sort out your shopping. You will find a list of food items and products to purchase. Some of these products can be purchased from our Changing Habits store. To view the shopping list click on the picture below so you have an idea of what to purchase so you can get started once you purchase the program.

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21 Day Shopping List

Cyndi is an award-winning nutritionist and best-selling author with a unique approach.

She disagrees with low-fat, low-calorie diets and even says chocolate can be good for you!

This e-book offers a step-by-step process, including:

  • - A simple, down-to-earth approach
  • - Education on changing your health habits
  • - The power to make long-lasting changes

Take the first step to improving the rest of your life with the '21 Day Weight Loss: Get Healthy E-Book'. It will be sent to you in electronic format (into your email inbox) so you can buy now and start your new life straight away!


...not only will you receive the whole book in an easy downloadable form but you will also receive daily emails and five short videoclips, spread over the 21 days, featuring Cyndi herself as she talks you through the program and helps you along your path to better health.


- There is also now a Vegetarian supplement on day 1 of the program. This an eBook with lots of fantastic recipes for vegetarians that we are sure everyone will enjoy!

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